Thoughts on ALEPPO- think small


Two years ago, I wrote a romantic novel called Hot Pursuit. Rita, the heroine, falls in love with a war correspondent who reports on the war in Syria. Horrified by the images and articles about the atrocities in the news, she thinks there’s nothing she can do to help the victims. It’s too big, too much. Whatever she does would be a drop in the ocean, so what’s the point? But then her friend Fran tells her to think small:

“One child saved, one mother being able to feed her baby. Every human being saved is worth it, even if you can only save a few,” she says.

I remember that today as the terrible images from Aleppo keep hammering us.

And that’s what we need to do; think small, because together we can do something big. Donate a dollar, a euro, a pound or two to one of the help organisations out there who so desperately need our help. Doctors Without Borders, The White Helmets, The Red Cross, Save The Children and many more, not difficult to find. Get together with friends, ask them to do the same; organise coffee mornings or just get together and put a few coins into a box. Many, many people coming together, all thinking small, will then help in a big way.

Think small, then do it and make it big.

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