How one thing lead to another, and years later a story is born

A few weeks ago, I announced  that I’m starting a new co-written project with my friend and fellow writer Pete Morin. Nearly at 10000 words in and looking at chapter 5, I’m thinking back on my Authonomy  days and how I met Pete. Back then, (in 2008) we were both competing to get to the top of the Ed’s desk, me with a contemporary fiction novel, Swedish for Beginners and Pete with his legal thriller Diary of a Small Fish. I was less competitive and gave up when my book reached number 20 in the charts and went on to self-publish it, as I’m very impatient and found it hard to stick to the daily routine of reviewing and plugging my book. In any case, the superb writing of Pete’s book got him to the top and he received a glowing review and the gold star. Much later, he published it as well and it was a huge success.

During those Authonomy days we were part of a great group of writer friends who, to this day, keep in touch. We joked and laughed but there were some heated arguments too. Maybe because as writers, we have hot tempers and big egos.

That was six years ago and since then, we’ve kept in touch, comparing notes and sharing our individual writing/publishing experiences. But I never thought we’d work together. And even if the thought had entered my mind, I would have imagined that we’d end up arguing and give up on the idea. As we’re both quite headstrong, opinionated and stubborn, a working relationship was not something I ever thought would work. I think we agreed that it would be ‘volcanic’ at some stage.

But then, somehow, we got started . Threw ideas at each other. Plotlines. Chracters and their relationships. Settings. Twists and turns in the story. The Boston-Irish corruption plot grew and grew. We created two main characters, written from two POVs. Pete with Paul Forte from his previous novel and me with a new heroine, sassy journalist Finola McGee. Together, they will crack the case and reveal the villain(s). And, along the way, take the readers on a fascinating and intriguing journey. And we’re having a lot of fun writing it.

You can read the rest of what we’ve come up with so far on Pets’ new blog post. I think it’s going to be quite a story.

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