Romance in the snow for Valentine’s day- my gift to you

freshpowderheart 2

As it’s difficult to ignore that today is St Valentine’s day, I decided to celebrate by giving away my winter romance, Fresh Powder , to go with the roses and chocolates. This is a book to cuddle up with in front of the fire on a wet, cold winter’s day. The book is set in the French Alps and it’s about a group of people who get snowed into a chalet. Sounds a little chilly? But it’s not. The romance alone will warm your heart and the setting of a luxury chalet in one of the most beautiful parts of the world will take you away from your troubles and concerns for a while.


Lucy and Claire were once best friends but after a row, they haven’t spoken in ten years. Imagine their shock when they are thrown together, not only in the same ski resort in the French Alps but in the same chalet. Then they are snowed in, together with two attractive men and a couple with relationship issues, which puts both their friendship and their survival skills to the test.

I wrote this book inspired by a recent stay in just such a chalet. I drew on my own experiences and heaped on the romance, the luxury and a lot of quirky characters. In this story you will meet Claire, the bohemian teacher with a penchant for young men, Lucy, the hard-nosed career girl who pines for sexy New York lawyer Patrick, and last but not least, chic socialite Penny who rekindles her lost love for businessman Al. When they get snowed in together, they face challenges and truths about themselves and their feelings. It’s set in Courchevel, one of the top ski resorts in the world.

It’s a fun read with lots of thrills and spills. Snow, skiing, mountains, food, champagne, glamour- and: AHHHHH, romance!

It’s free on Smashwords until Sunday. Get the code EN74U  and click on the heart to get the book.

heartcodeHappy Valentine’s day!

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