Literary cupcakes


I was talking to my husband about my books over dinner tonight, after my recent publication of Hot Gossip. I said; “they’re romantic comedies–or  aka ‘chick-lit'”. He thought for a moment, then said: “they’re like literary cupcakes. Pretty, delicious, beautifully baked with a very moreish taste.”

Then he pulled back and apologised, thinking I’d be offended and that it denigrated my work in some way. He does love my books, he said; “the romance, the humor, the one liners , the beautiful settings, the quirky characters, you do it so well.” (great back pedaling).

I know he does and he is not alone, judging by sales. But I wasn’t offended. I thought the description was so spot-on: chick-lit=literary cupcakes, brilliant! That’s how I enjoy chick-lit books by other authors. I love the taste, the buzz of the sweetness, the many flavors and the pretty icing, especially if it has a cherry on the top. Books written with gusto and humour, that often make you  laugh out loud and bring a little romance into your life… Addictive, seductive and fun. What’s wrong with that? Nothing at all.

I’m proud of my cupcakes and I will keep ‘baking’ more for a long time.

And… they’re calorie free..

Hot Gossip Book Cover SMALL

Hot Property_Cover_SMALL 

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