Read an e-book week, amazing offer!


This week, March 3-9, is read an e-book week. To mark this event, I am offering two of my books for free on Smashwords, Virtual Strangers (love and murder in cyberspace) and Duty Free (romantic comedy set in Paris) for free. Click on the links  and use code RW100 to  get your free book. I hope you enjoy them.

Vs new


Two complete strangers meet on a train and agree to off their significant others. Sounds familiar? It should be, it’s ‘Strangers on a Train’. 60 years later, two strangers meet online. A man and a woman – Seabee and Annika – hook up on a wannabe authors’ site where they flirt, banter and play around with the notion of dispatching their equally impossible partners. It’s all a big literary, intertextual joke, until the weekend when both their partners actually do die in what seems to be unrelated freak accidents – or are they? Seabee and Annika find out in a hurry that cyberspace makes strange bedfellows – and if it’s not he nor she who did it – then who has done the killings? The two team up to find out who has hijacked their fantasy and turned it into a bloody real-life.




As the wife of a successful Irish diplomat, Anna O’Connor moves to Paris, city of her dreams. But the dream starts to turn into a bizarre nightmare when Michael, a drunken, womanising Irish journalist comes to stay. Her unattractive house guest and workaholic husband are driving her to distraction when she meets Juan, a sexy, sophisticated and definitely attractive Spanish diplomat. More than a little smitten, she agrees to deliver a secret letter to a top Irish politician – an act that will cause a scandal, threatening her marriage and her husband’s career. Set in glamorous locations-a ball at the opera, a château in the French countryside and a luxury yacht in the Greek islands-this witty, flirty book romps through some unexpected back corridors of diplomacy on its way to a surprising ending.

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