Murder in Cyberspace

Did you ever want to cast off? Did you ever want to sail into the sunset with someone you just met; a kindred spirit, a twin soul, leaving everything behind? It is possible; in the virtual world of the Internet, which can become a comfort zone you’ll never want to leave. And then you might want to meet that person with whom you have become strangely intimate. But reality is never as lovely as the dream. Be careful what you wish for…


VIRTUAL STRANGERS- a detective story that takes place in cyberspace.

Two Writers:

Ola Zaltin (born Saltin) is from Stockholm, Sweden. At age 25, he was admitted to the Screenwriting Programme at the National Film school of Denmark. After that followed a string of short films, one feature film and various episodes for TV, Rejseholdet (Unit One) and Wallander being amongst them.

Susanne O’Leary (born Lagerlöf) is also from Stockholm.  She started writing about ten years ago and her first novel, ‘Diplomatic Incidents’ caused a few raised eyebrows in the world of diplomacy. Then followed three further novels (all written in English and published in Ireland), which, masquerading as romantic comedies, were written with her tongue firmly in her cheek, causing further consternation in the polite world. She then discovered the Internet and a writers site, where she came into contact with a certain Mr Zaltin, who suggested they write a crime novel together. After a year of writing, arguing, laughing and arm twisting, Virtual Strangers was finished, merging two completely different writing styles and takes on life, in a highly unusual and humorous detective story.


Virtual Strangers

Two complete strangers meet on a train and agree to off their significant others. Sounds familiar? It should be, it’s Strangers on a Train.

60 years later on, two strangers meet online. A man and a woman – Seabee and Annika – hook up on a wannabe authors’ site where they flirt, banter and play around with the notion of dispatching their equally impossible partners It’s all a big literary, intertextual joke, until the weekend when both their partners actually do die in what seems to be unrelated freak accidents; or are they? Seabee and Annika find out in a hurry that cyberspace makes strange bedfellows… And if it’s not he nor she who did it… then who has done the killings? The two of them team up to find out who has hijacked their fantasy and turned it into a bloody real-life. 

This is Virtual Strangers: a world of bubbly, innocent, virtual online fun, until reality comes knocking on the door holding a very ominous scythe in its hand…

Virtual Strangers  has just been published on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.

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